Friday, April 10, 2009

Theater Costumes and Hair Sticks

So today I have to finish the last of 17 girls harem type costumes for Brianna's Alladin play. They have to be tried on tomorrow, so Im glad I dont have much left to do. I do have to go to the fabric store and pick up more lace, trim and elastic for them though.

Also I need to work on the three cloaks and the tunic that I have for orders.

Lately I've been trying something new for the shops- Hair Sticks! I like them because they are reasonably easy and inexpensive to make, and they are pretty. It allows me to post something more or less everyday because they are so easy to make, which helps keep the shop a bit higher in the listings. 12.00 a day if they sell isnt going to pay the bills, but with any luck, people will see them and then order other things off the site as well. We shall see. So far I havent actually sold any, so its a moot point anyway. This particular pair is being held for a customer though, so that's a start right? I can always make more :)
In other news, today makes one month I've been unemployed. It hasnt been too bad yet, because I have been running around like a crazy person between going to the unemployment office, the dentist for me and Bri, working on the costumes for the theater and then of course the orders for the shop. If I could get a steady amount coming in from the store (at least what I get on unemployment) every week then I would seriously consider going back to doing costuming/etc full time. However, I know that doesnt quite pay the bills, so I am still looking for another job as well, of course. Just preferrably not call center again (or at least not financial call center!)
Anyway since its 5 AM and I've been up for an hour aleady, I should probably try to go back to bed. I'm tired!

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