Friday, April 17, 2009

Two books I read this week when I was taking breaks from making stuff:
Blood of the Flowers - I read through this basically in a day. It was *excellent*. Set in early 17th century Iran, it follows a girl who is a carpet maker from her home in a small village to the capital city which she has to move to when her father dies. A lot of really interesting things about Iran, the culture and rug making mixed in with the story which made it a fun and interesting read.

Also I read the Spellman Files. This had me literally laughing out loud, it was so much fun! It is about a PI family- they all live in the same house, as well as work there and its amusing to read about them following each other around, and all the antics they get into. Remember, if you need to tail a car, it easier to follow one with only one headlight, so smash out a headlight when the owner isn't looking! LOL!

Today I have to get the cloaks that are started finished up (just hoods and clasps left), make another cloak and a tunic for an order, and then work on things for the shop. I think that is going to be tunics, since I dont have any up yet, and I have to make at least one or two anyway. I will be posting it as a custom listing. This weekend will be working on stock, and fixing the leak in the bathroom. The landlord really should be the one fixing the leak, but trust me, its easier, quicker and safer if I do it.
All right, time to get work done!

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