Monday, April 27, 2009


OK, so this morning was the beginning of the "studio remodel". Yay. I am so looking forward to it being done, but it is exhausting getting it done, if that makes sense.
I have a confession to make. I love to watch shows like Clean House, where someone comes in to a house that is completely trashed and redoes the rooms for the owners. Now, most of my house is not too bad, but my sewing studio would definitely qualify to be on the show, if it were my house and not rented, and I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't do it just on the fact that it's small (approximately 8x8). Of course, the fact that I live on the other side of the country from them doesn't help.

Anyway. So, I have to do my own make over. That's ok. I went to Home Depot this morning to get a few things for the room. I got peg board, and hook-brackets to make a garment rack on a couple of walls. No problem. 63.00. Not that bad.

However, I forgot screws.

Now, normally, I would just go back to the store and get the screws no big deal. Chris was home today though, and decided to come with me for the return trip to the store (we were going to try to fix the leak in the tub too, but thats not going so well). So we headed off to the store.

When we got there, he decided that he felt it would be good to have a board to back the hooks with. I thought it would be kinda nice to add a shelf to the top of the hooks. So, we got wood. Then he decided that I should get better closet rods (I thought the garment rack poles I've used for years without a problem would have been fine... ) and since I was making the racks 6 feet long, I should get extra hooks to help brace it. Then I realized I forgot the special hardware for the pegboard. Ooops.

So, to recap all I needed were screws and pegboard mounts. Should have been about 5 bucks.
What did we actually spend?? $115.00.

Moral of the story, although it will look great when its done, dont worry about bringing the guy with you unless you want to spend 10 times more than you expected!

Now I have to wait til the weekend to get the racks up because he doesnt want to do them with stuff in the room. I would have just climbed over stuff, hung the racks and then started hanging fabric. *sigh*

In other news, I bought the domain name for the business, so now I own Currently it forwards to the etsy shop til I have time to get a full website up.

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