Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok, so I am still getting used to what to put up here, and also remembering to update. I am trying though!

Here is a picture of a custom order I worked on this week. Its a simple keyhole tunic with trim. This is the perfect tunic for earlier time periods, particularly the 10th to 13th centuries. Its not the greatest picture, which is why I haven't put anything on etsy about it just yet, but am going to try to get better pictures today. Have to dig out the mannequin.

I was so excited to find a box of trim I didn't realize I still had down in the basement recently. It was like finding gold! LOL Trim is expensive, and over the years I have spent thousands on it, so finding some I had left was definitely a nice surprise. I do still need to order more though!

Trying to decide about the job issue. It looks like I am going to be teaching sewing at Joann Fabrics starting in June, so that will be a somewhat steady source of income. And of course right now things are picking up in the etsy shop because it is the start of faire and summer event season. Chris told me last night that maybe I should work on getting the business up as a full time thing again, which I would love to do, but I dont want to have to go to all the faires and such again. I liked doing it in some ways, but usually it was expensive and stressful, and I dont have my tent or anything else for the booth anymore so that would make it hard to get back into.

Maybe if I can make enough from the classes and online, I can do this full time and not have to worry about going to the shows. I realize that this cuts out business for me, but I just can't physically do all of that again.

Something to think about... But today I have creating to do and an unemployment meeting to go to, then dress rehersals for the play, so I dont know how much I will get done today.

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